august quality

August Quality is a brand of trading business that specializes in the supply and installation of imported premium wood flooring. Complete with floor maintenance, inspection and monitoring services, August Quality has become the embodiment of technical expertise in the industry. 

Having customers and partners as a life breath propels August Quality to satisfy every need, expectation and ideal in the realms of aesthetics, sustainability and functionality. Through the decades, this has been preserved through extensive industry knowledge, responsible sourcing and the exclusive distributorship of brands that thrive on global leadership.

august quality in retrospect

Two corporations constitute the present and ever-growing success of August Quality (AQ).

August Alliance Business Corporation (AABC), established in 2002 as a flooring supplies company, became the first to forge AQ as we know it. In its succeeding years, AABC’s keen focus on the specialization of high-rise projects, distribution and retail marketing inevitably paved the way to a vastly growing demand for premium flooring. This piqued AQ’s determination to complement high-grade floors with excellent service, which led to the origin of Accrue Buoyant Corporation (ABC) in 2014.

ABC’s emergence as a specialist in the installation, maintenance, inspection and monitoring of flooring rapidly brought the brand to new heights. Thereupon, AQ was significantly transformed into the leading supplier and full service provider that stands before the market today.

present focus

The Cornerstone of August Quality features progressive standards of excellence. Herewith lies an endless search for unrivaled flooring and services that are guaranteed to endure aesthetically and functionally for decades. Yet, beyond this pursuit is a commitment to fostering relations of trust, in honor of customers, partners and personnel through which the corporation prevails. Altogether, August Quality’s touchstone of success stands on the quality of life its products, services and operations attain for others.

key purpose

August Quality envisions being the lasting premier choice of flooring supplies and services, branding a pinnacle of quality that fulfills customers and partners from one generation to another.

embodying moral excellence


To live, is to be in the constant company of change. August Quality is thereby dedicated to continually redefining an excellence that employs novel ideas amidst unprecedented trends.


The trust and cognizance transparency breeds are integral to August Quality’s operations. Customers and partners are therefore invariably afforded full consent and visibility in all their projects.


August Quality’s dependability rests upon the Quality of Life its products and services enhance. Every customer and partner is consequently granted an investment to last for generations.


Passion inspires quality, and imbues every endeavor with meaning.

At August Quality, this significant feature is perpetuated by the good value AQ products and services impart to all its dealings.


August Quality is the Steward of its reputation.

A steadfast commitment towards ethics, honesty and justice readily remains AQ’s choice throughout its service.


August Alliance Phone

+63 2 6377685
+63 2 6874765
+63 2 6875740

august alliance business corporation

Unit 1904 Prestige Tower Ortigas Jr. Road
1605 Pasig City 

Accrue Buoyant Phone

+63 2 4609043
+63 2 6460047

Accrue buoyant corportaion

Unit 02 Anaconda Compound 16 Evangelista Street 
1610 Pasig City